Michael (catholic_priest) wrote in gothic_life,

New Adult website need models (male and female)

New adult website needs models now

Hey people I need help. Im part of this site and I need all the people that i can get to sign up for a free "myspace" like account at Rude.com/jdstyles. The more people that I can get to sign up the better. Even if you dont use the account, just sign up for one and never look back. But if you do sign up for it you get access to free videos, live webcam feeds 24/7, picture galleries, live group shows as well as house cams and more. SO you actually are signing up for free porn. AND THERE IS NO SPAM OR CREDIT CARDS REQUIRED TO JOIN THE SITE.
And if you are an amateur in the business you can sign up to become a producer once you've uploaded you content, and make killer $$

so please hook me up for hooking you up.

JD styles


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